Pink Grootendorst

Pink Grootendorst

Pink Grootendorst

Pink Grootendorst…Bred by De Goey (Netherlands, 1918).

Introduced in Netherlands by F. J. Grootendorst & Sons in 1918 as ‘F.J. Grootendorst’.

This rose I first saw at Hatch Manor in Wiltshire when the children were young and I have never forgotten its lovely petals , all trimmed at the edge as if with pinking shears

Camillus Kitty Cicely and I went to visit James Stern who lived in a beautiful old house full of paintings by everyone famous.He even had a Picasso screen print  which was the same as the one  I had one  which I  had bought for £5.00 in an old antique shop in Kew Road,

I remember that when I bought it the shopkeeper smiled sadly at me and said “It’s not a real Picasso you know ”

Of course I didn’t think it was ,  but  I thought it would look nice in the children’s bedroom. However , they thought otherwise as it

frightened them as it was rather a sad clown ….so  I gave to the school jumble  sale ….

I was a bit mortified when i realised what I had done ..I shall trust my own judgement in the future …


Jimmy Stern was a great writer and I have put some of his work here for you to read…….




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