Lady Hillingdon

Lady Hillingdon climber

Lady Hillingdon climbing rose…

Lady Hillingdon  is a beautiful yellow climbing rose reaching 5m in height. She has slender dark red stems which easily identify  her,  and  lovely apricot yellow flowers becoming paler as the flower opens

 The real Lady Hillingdon who this rose was named after , was married to the then MP for Sevenoakes and  famously recorded in her journal of 1912…

lady Hillingdon in the National Portrait Gallery

lady Hillingdon in the National Portrait Gallery

“When I hear his steps outside my door I lie down on my bed, open my legs and think of England.”

 Her escape from an unpleasant experience  into the idea of a green and pleasant land may have been inspired   this poem “In a strange land”  published by a homesick ex -pat in a New Zealand newspaper of 1906……

`’Oh, to lie awake at night and think of England,

Out of reach and far away;

Oh, to see her in the distance as a picture,

And let your fancy play.’’

Poor Lady Hillingdon ! I am glad she had a lovely rose named after her…. and it is not perhaps surprising that this rose was raised by Lowe and Shawyer of Uxbridge…. only 8 minutes away from Hillingdon by car…..


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