Mermaid was the first rose that I knew who  had a name . She was a favourite of my mother in law who hoped to grow her in her little Chelsea back garden but all that could be seen of the rose was her great thorny stem,her flowers had long ago galloped over the wall and vanished in the neighbours neglected garden .



We  then had her in our first house in Fulham where she grew from the basement up to the top bathroom window .A deterrent if everthere was to burglars  …and we would stand and gaze up at her and wonder how we would ever get to pick any flowers .

I am always so happy if I see her anywhere growing . She is so unmistakeable  with her yellow petals and bright  stamens.I would grow her again if I had the space .. if only for old times sake ……

This wonderfully lovely rose  was raised by William Paul and Son  in about  1917,  a man responsible for the rampant Paul’s Himalayan Musk amonst others , and  no one knows why he gave  this savage climber with her lovely glossy leaves and beautiful generous yellow flowers this name.She grows from 15 to 20 feet so be warned.


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