I am growing this rose, only because it was the name of a lovely Anglo Arab pony that wonderful Penelope borrowed  from someone for me for the summer holidays . She gave me complete care of  him but although i woke at 6 am and longed to get on my bike and peddle off to Wantage , to the Mead Waterfowl Farm , I  thought I might be in the way so when I did venture  in at about 10  it was to a

Pegasusbarrage of scolding   as Penelope had had to bring Pegasus in from the fieldd and feed him and that was my job and why was I not there to do it……Although he was the most elegant chestnut gelding  with lovely  ways about him  he suffered from a thing called sweet itch which meant he got  some sort of excema  on his mane and tail and had to be kept away from summer grass as he scratched himself to bits on the fences. So he had a mangy old mane and his tail was sort of raw at the top .He would rear elegantly when he saw a bit of paper flapping or a tractor  approaching  and delicately nip blackberries from the hedges as we  passed .But  to me he was the perfect pal and I was happy as a sandboy to ride him.

As for the rose.. yes .. it grows well and is healthy and long stemmed  but for me it is like so many of the David Austin roses … too  much and too magnificent to be endearing.


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